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How Long Does It Take?

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How Long Does It Take?

Once you’ve decided the yurt size and model and options you want, the next detail is determining your schedule.

Let’s look at what it takes to orchestrate getting your yurt order in and timing the shipping …

Typically the production process for a standard yurt is 3 – 4 weeks. This does not include any shipping time. We make each yurt to order based on your desired color palate, window placement, and door swing preference. Because we understand that sometimes “the show must go on,” these lead times can be adjusted as needed.

By the time you are ready to place your order, we will have already done a complimentary shipping estimate to determine the best way and cheapest carrier. We get quotes from major shipping lines that we do regular business with in an effort to bring you the lowest cost. To keep your cost down, the carrier bill will bypass us and bill you Freight Collect; you pay the trucking company directly. In other words, we let you use our benefits to get the cheapest rate and then we save you money by not marking up the service.

At the time you place your order you will be required to make a 50% deposit of the total price (not including shipping). We will e-mail you our 75 page color manual for you to review and study. This gives you plenty of time to give us a call with questions prior to your install. (Note: we’ll also include a printed manual with the yurt kit.)

As I stated, it usually takes about 3 – 4 weeks to produce your yurt kit. We allow for several orders to be in the queue at once, and multiple orders for one customer are not uncommon. In a perfect world, you build your platform while we finish your yurt, so that when it arrives it can go up right away! If you are getting a SIPS Platform kit from us, then we will ship that with the yurt kits crates. You should have the understructure built by the time your shipment arrives.

You can download free platform plans from our website, or give me a call at (425) 981-1203. The version on our website is general and for concept only. The plans that I send you after your order has been placed are engineered and more detailed. I recommend you work from the engineered plans.

Important note: your finished floor must be installed and completed prior to setting up the yurt. This is because the lattice wall structure sits on that finished floor and there is no way to cut in a floor around the lattice. I have only had one or two people who didn’t take this advice seriously – and they were seriously bummed!!

As your yurt kit gets crated, just a day before it is going to ship, you will be contacted to confirm that your balance has been paid (or you can make a credit card payment right then) and to double check the “ship to” address and contact information. Once the Rainier Team loads your yurt crates (and SIPS if you ordered one) your trucking company is now in direct contact with you. They will call you to make payment arrangements over the phone and set up a delivery time.

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All hands on deck! The Yurt Girl oversees a customer’s yurt being loaded onto the shipping truck.

The trucking company will need to know of any issues that may present a problem during delivery. We want to avoid trucks getting stuck in mud, loose gravel, no turn-around, no way to off-load, etc.

It is critical to remember that these crates are HUGE and weigh up to 2000 pounds. I highly recommend that you rent a forklift and off-load your crates with ease. Otherwise you will need many hands-on-deck and many on the ground to hand down all of the components of the yurt crates. Be sure to have several clean tarps to organize the components as they get handed down. They driver will decide if this is an excessive delay and may charge you for another hour. Be organized!

Rainier wood shop

Absolutely NO way to get a 48’ truck to your yurt site? Some folks have had their yurt crates delivered to a loading dock at a local store (family ties with anyone in the furniture business?) or to a moving and storage company. Then you can go there with your larger pick up and take it in two loads to the site. We have even had the truck go as far as it could and meet at a mile marker to offload. In general these guys will work hard to meet you where you need to be.

Let me know how I can help get your yurt order in the queue!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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