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Why Our Eagle Yurt Soars Higher

I know many of you are out there "shopping" yurt prices.
How do I know?


Well ... because I get asked daily why our prices are slightly higher than the other two big yurt companies.

So let’s talk about that - while our prices are very competitive, the Eagle is in a class of its own and cannot compare to any other yurt on the market.

Our goal is to build a superior product, of extreme quality – the Ultimate Yurt, if you will.

(We do have a product line that compares directly to the two other yurt companies and I would be more than happy to talk with you about the RAVEN model if that's what you're looking for.)

The Ultimate Yurt

eagle-latticeThere are many reasons why our Eagle is the Ultimate Yurt, so I'll outline them for you here:

The Eagle is engineered to meet the International Building Code and feature the thickest, strongest lattice in the industry. Our lattice is ¾” by 1.5” (the other guy uses ½” by 1.5”) We utilize hand-selected Machine Stress Rated (MSR) Douglas Fir in our rafters with a 2,400 rating in bending stress – 40% stronger than standard fir (used by the competition with a 2,100 lbs per square inch). No other yurt will stand up to the snow and wind conditions like a Rainier Yurt!


Another reason comparing our Eagle to other yurts on the market is like apples-to-oranges is our compression ring - which is the heart of your yurt.

The structural integrity of any yurt depends majorly upon the compression ring. The Rainier Eagle compression ring is the only one in the industry that is handcrafted ring created out of solid MSR (stress rated) Douglas Fir, milled round with multiple layers of lamination with staggered joints for strength.


I encourage you to compare, but don't just take my word for it - read this excerpt from an e-mail I received over the weekend from a customer in Temecula:

"I noticed yesterday as I compared Rainier Yurt options to the competitor companies, that Rainier is the only MAJOR yurt supplier that gives a fully ROUND {compression ring} at the skylight dome.

All of the other major competitors (you know who they are) put an 8 or 12 sided octagon frame on the interior of their sky dome. YUK!

Kudos to RAINIER for trumping all the competition!

This has further convinced me that you are the ONLY Yurt company that I am willing to deal with. I'm so happy that I've discovered all the QUALITATIVE differences that make your company the ROLLS ROYCE of the Yurt Universe!!!"

-Heidi M.

eagle-tension-cableAlso, our perimeter tension cable (that connects the rafters to the lattice wall) exceeds engineering specifications and are pre-tensioned to prevent future sagging.

Our Eagle tension cable is ¼” aircraft stainless steel and is the only yurt offered with yachting-marine grade fittings (to prevent corrosion and rust). This cable is pre-stretched, load tested and engineered to 8,000 lbs. The competition uses 3/16” diameter galvanized aircraft cable; break strength at 4,200 lbs.

The Eagle also features unique, interchangeable wall panels with 92” wide modular sections to allow for interchangeability of wall vs. window panels - which means you can change your window placement at your whim - or with the change in seasons.


This is a fabulous feature if you ever have wall damage (say a tree limb crashes into your wall - I had three such repairs last week due to high winds.)

If you have a continuous wall (like the competition) you will be spending upwards of $1,900 – $2,400, plus shipping (both ways!) to replace your wall fabric. Our wall design allows you to simply call me and tell me which section is damaged - and I mail you a new 92” panel for $390 (plus $357.50 if it had a full-length window.) Also note that the competition uses 15 oz. wall fabric and we use 17 oz. reinforced vinyl.

We use a heavier clear PVC window vinyl; ours is a 30 mil. “Stratoglass” material borrowed from the marine industry – the competition uses a 20 mil product.


Another unique feature of the Rainier Yurt is the pursing cable that runs underneath the platform. The Rainier pursing cable gives you the ultimate seal to keep critters, moisture and wind out! It is an exclusive design that cinches the wall bottom under the platform and works to seal out weather and insects.

Please also note that our roof is tailored. It is cut in pie-shaped pieces with radial heat seals for a stronger roof that looks better and will maintain a cleaner surface. All of our roofs are fully sealed from the peak to the bottom of the drip-edge/valance. There is no stitching to fail in the sun and there is no possibility of leakage. The small turned hem at the very bottom is stitched with highly durable Tenara thread that has a lifetime guarantee against loss of strength.

Shut the front door!
Yup ... again there is just no comparison between the Eagle product and the other yurt manufacturers when it comes to doors and windows. Rainier uses clear vertical grain Douglas Fir that is kiln dried and handcrafted with original caftsmans's style joinery and finish.

Our ADA approved doors are full sized 36" x 80" (can be modified to swing in or out per your preference) and are built with thermal insulated Low-E double pane glass windows - not single pane Plexiglas. We have a variety of door choices including solid wood doors (for privacy to connecting yurt bedrooms), our popular half-light door, the gorgeous full-light doors to maximize your view and natural lighting and the increasingly popular french doors with full-light thermal glass windows.

Our massive header accommodates the rafters and cable grooves. Similarly, our hard window, also crafted from sustainable Douglas Fir our custom crafted window frames follow the natural curve of the diameter of your yurt.

The Eagle windows come in a variety of sizes and are thermal insulated windows.


You can choose between an optional bookshelf area or beaded wainscoating to adorn below the window sill. Look for yourself...you can physically see the craftmanship!

Our instruction manual, including the exclusive story strip has received much acclaim. We constantly hear how easy our manual was to follow and how enjoyable the yurt raising experience was. Who wants frustration?

We also hear rave reviews about our customer service and helpfulness – even after the sale. Rainier has been providing structures for 115 years (however I wasn’t here for the first 100) and we will be there in the future when you need us.

ISO_LogoOne thing that we are extremely proud of is that Rainier is the ONLY ISO 9001:2008 registered Yurt Company.

Our registration is through TUV Rheinland of North America. We are the only yurt manufacturer that has a formal quality system focused on continuous improvement of our product quality and customer satisfaction.

Hand-in-hand Rainier is the ONLY yurt manufacturer with a formal Environmental Management System, and we are ISO 14001:2004 registered.

We are committed to respecting and protecting our environment. We are the ONLY yurt manufacturer that has an established program to recycle your roof fabric at the end of its useful life.

As you know, it is hard to be a pioneer ... but our commitment to these programs will hopefully encourage our competition to take the time and expense to follow our lead.

We literally pay a corporation to audit us to make sure that we are meticulously following our own criteria and high standards. These steps we take to make sure that we are making the best product on the market and protect our environment in the process.

We are a state-of-the-art facility with a commitment to our product through modern technology.

So hopefully you can see that you are NOT comparing apples to apples when you compare our Eagle Yurt and our commitment as a company to the competition for price shopping purposes. Our engineering standards alone set us apart– not to mention that we use top-notch superior grade raw materials. If you would like to price out a product that competes with the compitition as I mentioned we have an economy model, The Raven which we introduced to be competitive with our competition.

I look forward to helping you with your yurt dreams. Feel free to write back with questions, and or give me a call, direct line (425) 981-1203.

Happy Yurt Dreams!

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