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Guest Post: Adventures (Part 1)

"Everyone who visits me comments on how peaceful and cozy my home is and how wonderful the energy is," says Fisher, a pioneer woman with a can-do attitude. Here is her story in her words ...


I bought a yurt from Rainier. It is very high quality and comes as a kit ready to assemble. Before that can happen, I had to build a foundation of cement pylons and wood and hardware under-structure.

In the midst of creating the foundation for the yurt, the five crates containing the yurt pieces and the SIPS platform pieces were delivered.
Then the puzzle pieces of SIPS platform are put on the supports.
Platform covered to protect it from the two days of rain. Amazingly, the rain stopped the days before the guys came to construct the yurt.Now for the construction of the yurt. I hired two guys to construct it. That is all they do - construct yurts. They know what they are doing!
Bolting the lattice pieces together.
Connecting the lattice to the door frames.
Positioning the rafters in the corresponding lattice sections.
Setting up the scaffolding.
Final rafters being placed.
Rafters are all set in place. This is the end of day 1.
View from inside the yurt through the roof & ring.
Spreading the first layer of insulation around the outside of the rafters.
Lifting the second layer of roof insulation through the ring to the outside.
Putting outside layer of yurt in place. Then it tucks under the edge of the yurt and a cable pulls it tight from underneath.
All finished. End of day 2.
I brought my rugs from storage, brought in my plants from the greenhouse and friends brought my mattress from storage. It is so awesome to have room! The dogs spent about 10 minutes just running around inside.

On to the utilities…16-trench

A 450’ trench is dug from the east end of the property and three conduits are placed in the trench – one for water, one for electricity and one for cable for phone or TV or whatever I decide later. It’s easier to put it all there now than to dig it up and put something else in the trench later.

The electricians are working on the electrical line and will be finishing the fuse box outside the yurt. Next week the electrician will put outlets inside the yurt. I will have a 4-outlet box under each window, running around the base of the latticework.

I bought a Jenn-Air stove/oven from a friend who is selling his house. I also bought a refrigerator, small chest freezer, and propane stove for heat. I bought a wood-burning stove from the lumber yard here on the island. My dad gave me washer/dryer unit that he took out of his motor home. I'm set for appliances.

I have to have the woodburning stove and the propane stove installed. Rainier sells flashing to vent the woodstove through the wall. Then we will have heat. It is getting chilly here.

I built a pantry, a big closet by the open bedroom, and constructed bathroom walls (just studs right now). I am using the plywood from the crates that the yurt came in for the walls instead of drywall. I am trimming the walls with 1x4s that were part of the crates, also. Then paint.


What a great story. And there's more to come - check in next week for more about Fisher's experience living in her yurt!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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