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Neiman Marcus

Dream Folly Exterior

When Neiman Marcus wanted to create The Ultimate Yurt for one of their world famous Christmas Book Fantasy Gifts, they called us!

When you get the Christmas Book, turn to page 63 - or just read the excerpt from the Christmas Book below...


Ever wish you could cross your arms, bat your eyes, and escape to a serene place all your own? Well, your wish is our command.

Our “Dream Folly” is inspired by the classic 1960s TV show I Dream of Jeannie.

Dream Folly InteriorStarting with a sturdy 18-foot-diameter yurt—a structure invented centuries ago by ancient Mongols—“Dream Folly” is the ideal simulation of a genie’s posh bottle.

The purveyor of this haven is Rainier Yurts. Founded over 100 years ago, the Seattle-based company first provided tents and camping supplies for prospectors headed north for the Alaskan Gold Rush. Today, many would agree that procuring your own “Dream Folly” is the equivalent of striking gold.

The structure consists of a mixed-grain interior lattice system, a Sunbrella exterior lining, and a plexiglass door and dome. The roof is made from vinyl-coated polyester with an acrylic top coat for extra durability.

But it’s the interior that goes beyond your wildest, most decadent dreams. Let’s start with the pieces de resistance: a bevy of one-of-a-kind, down-filled pillows from renowned designer Rebecca Vizard.

For the uninitiated, Vizard built a workshop in her rural hometown of St. Joseph, Louisiana, where she and a group of craftsman create these plush accessories—all by hand—from the finest textiles.

To give you an idea of the remarkable workmanship, artisans meticulously remove embroidery and trim from antique garments, tapestries, and scrollwork, dating as far back as the eighteenth century.
These exquisite "appliques" are then hand-embroidered onto velvet cases and accented by sequins, beading, and hand-bordered metallic galon and corded trim. In addition to the pillows, Vizard designed every detail of this space and selected colors to evoke the bubbles of a warm, soothing bath.

The room’s other noteworthy embellishments include linen wall coverings by Coleman Taylor Handpainted Textiles in Montgomery, Alabama, and a custom, handcrafted crystal chandelier from New Orleans-based Julie Neill Designs.

Since we’re in the business of granting wishes—you can choose a different color scheme and decor from the ones depicted here. But why bother? There’s no improving upon perfection. Simply ask for this dream getaway, and we’ll have it installed on your estate grounds in the blink of an eye.

For every retreat sold, Neiman Marcus will donate $5,000 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. For more information on BCRF, visit www.bcrfcure.org.

The “Dream Folly“ is 12'5" tall with an 18' diameter. For details, call 1-877-9NM-GIFT.


Needless to say, we were thrilled and honored to have such an icon of fine merchandise choose us as one of their partners in crime on this unique gift!

Be sure to watch the Today's show on Thursday 10/27/11 as they will be featuring all the Christmas Fantasy Gifts on the show.

Stay tuned to our blog in the coming weeks as we will have some behind the scenes info about the shot and how this all came together.

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