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What is Outdoor Service?

Ordering a yurt is a big deal – SO TOO IS SHIPPING ONE!

Rainier Shipping Truck with yurt crates on flatbed with man tightening banding straps on truck

Take the worry out of arranging the shipment and receiving your yurt by selecting Outdoor Service at checkout. When you ship your yurt via our Outdoor Service, our team will see to it that your order is delivered safely, securely, and on time! Our Outdoor Service price calculator takes into account the items on your order as well as your location – no matter how remote!

To get an estimate on shipping any item within the store:

  • Add the product of choice to your shopping cart
  • Go to the Shopping Cart page
  • Locate the Estimate Shipping and Tax calculator and enter the destination State and Zip
  • Click the Estimate button

It’s that easy!

Rainier Shipping department. This is a collage of images of crates trucks and forklift

Click on the flatbed below to visit our Shipping Info page for more on what to expect when you order with Rainier Outdoor.

Info graphic of Flatbed truck with crate on it. Once you've purchased your rainier yurt, shipping or pick-up is up to you

Let me know how I can help get your yurt order in the queue!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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2 thoughts on “What is Outdoor Service?”

  • Linda walls

    Hi..Im looking at your Arizona floor plan and adding a loft space...two things that i was wondering how much for that model ,,being shipped and built in colorado..and how do i put a stove and water in it.
    Thanks Linda

    • rainier

      Hi Linda,
      I will build a shopping cart that will contain the 2-yurt layout from the Arizona Floor Plan and send to your email.
      If you would need help with assembling the Yurt we can connect you with a preferred service provider. The same would be for adding a loft and running electricity and plumbing into your yurt. While adding those amenities to your Yurt is no different than say a 'normal' home, those services will need to be sourced 3rd party.

      Look for an email from us shortly!

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)