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The Yurt Doctor

the Yurt Doctor

Interior photos of yurt, man installing window.

Similar to how a doctor goes through years of medical school to become an expert on the various causes, symptoms, and cures of a patient; Dana's years of experience have made her our "Yurt Doctor!"

Just like in a human patients, symptoms in yurts can vary, so prior experience and practical diagnostic measures are what we are training our customer service reps to offer to be most effective.

Whether it is a window replacement, a new Eagle wall section, an entire roof, or just the liner, we can help you determine what you need. If you really need to replace it at all. Sometimes a simple patch with a bit of HH-66 (vinyl cement) will do the trick.

We can replace domes, doors, rafters, lattice, rings, you name it. We will even assist you if you have a competitor’s yurt if we are certain that it will work for you.

Exterior photo of man installing yurt top.

We get asked all the time: what will need to be replaced first? To be totally transparent, that depends on which model you get. The Eagle is manufactured with substantially higher quality materials and therefore they will outperform and last longer than the Raven, which is designed to hit the same price point as the competition.
The south facing window in our Raven is likely to need to be replaced before the 10th birthday of your yurt if it has no shelter from the sun. The Raven roof will likely be next in the second ten years of use.

Domes often crack – mostly due to human error. These are relatively easy to replace.

We get asked why we don’t have a price list online of the replacement parts and to be honest -- we think it is in your best interest to talk to a specialist first to make sure that you get the part your yurt really needs, and make sure it's the correct size. Most of these replacement parts require custom crates to ship, so if you were to get it wrong -- oops! It can be quite expensive to replace as you'll pay for the shipping and re-stock fee and reorder.

Don’t be afraid to pick our brains and see how we can help you.

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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