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Repairs and Replacement Parts

Repairs and Replacement Parts

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Fall is here! Now is the time when everyone starts winter preparations, and for some, that means yurt repairs. It’s that time of year when our phones go off the hook with calls about Rainier Yurts or even older Nesting Bird yurts in need of new windows, domes, roof panels, and side walls.

We can assist you with replacing any part of your yurt. And unlike other yurt companies, we are happy to help you with replacement parts for yurts made by the other guys.

Here's a question I received recently:

I am getting so happy to get a new roof and dome. Could you tell me the weight of the roof please? I am getting some guys to put it on my house and I want to make sure I have enough men.
Thank you for all you are doing for me!

Our replacement roof was a perfect fit! She ordered a new dome at the same time, to take advantage of the shipping. She is overjoyed to have her yurt fixed up with these replacement parts.

If our standard size will work for you, great – we can place your order the same day.

If not, we will need to get measurements from you and a couple of quick photos to ensure a great fit. Sometimes, we will have to create a whole new cut-file (or CAD drawing) for our machines to work from. It might sound complicated, but we’ve gotten very good at custom work over the years!

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Here are some examples of replacement orders we've gotten in the last week alone:

  • 3 full-length 30 mil replacement windows for existing 2006 30’ Eagle (pre 2012 design @ 51.5” across and 67” down.) and 1 half-length 30 mil replacement window (pre 2012 design @ 51.5” across and 39” down.)
    Total Cost: $1,400 + shipping to San Juan Islands, WA
  • 4 full-length 30 mil replacement windows (pre 2012 design: 51.5” wide and 67” high.)
    Total Cost: $1,430 + shipping to Ukiah, CA
  • 1 SPECIALTY 21’ diameter SIPS platform deck for existing 21’ Raven Yurt; ½” CDX top skin and ½” pressure treated bottom skin.
    Total Cost: $4,634.20 (no shipping - the customer picked it up from will call)
  • 16’ diameter 19 oz beige Eagle style roof (no wall cable in valance) for a non-Rainier yurt.
    Total Cost: $1,396.63 + shipping to Rhode Island
  • 1 24’ diameter 15 oz Raven style side wall for tall walls. Evergreen with 5 StrataGlass 30 mil windows.
    Total Cost: (included pallet for shipping) $4,327, shipping not included
  • 1 Clear yurt dome for existing 30’ Nesting Bird Yurt, to include opening hardware kit and crate charges.
    Total Cost: $1,175, picked up from will call
  • 1 21’ diameter SIPS platform for existing 21’ Eagle Yurt (yurt is pre-owned and moving to a new location)
    Total Cost: $3,280 + delivery to Wenatchee, WA

We typically do not stock any of these items, primarily because we make three different yurt models in nine sizes - that would be a ton of inventory!! But we can get a couple of windows out to you in less than a week. Roofs and complete side walls may take up to two weeks.


Another service that we provide is an estimation of repairs and replacement parts for an insurance claim. Recently, customer Jill gave me a call to explain that her 21’ Eagle yurt had been severely damaged in hurricane force winds. I carefully prepared a list of replacement parts and submitted it to the claims adjuster for her insurance company.

We even have expert yurt handymen who you can hire for the day to come out and fix up your yurt or install the replacement dome, rafter, or even add a wood framed window to an existing yurt with previously only plastic windows.

If you need help replacing anything on your yurt, just give us a call. We’ve got you covered – literally in any material you need. We’d be glad to help you apply a little TLC to your yurt. Just don’t wait until November ... you’ll be sorry!

Enjoy the change of seasons,

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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