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Yurts are the ultimate Do-It-Yourself kit!

You'll receive your yurt in a crate, with labeled hardware boxes that are numbered corresponding to our 70 page yurt manual. If you follow each step in the sequence before moving on to the next one, you'll have a successful build and be ready to enjoy your yurt for years to come.

But every once in a while, I get a call from one of "those guys" - the ones who think they know everything and think of the manual as suggestions rather than complete instructions. "Those guys" inevitably text me photos on a Saturday or Sunday telling me there's something wrong with their yurts.

My typical reply: "I'll say!"

Of course, the problem is that the customer was not following the manual. I will respond with something like: “First of all, your roof liner is on inside out, your walls are on inside out and upside down, the ribbon that is supposed to be at the center of your primary door is randomly at the back of the yurt, and you used the wrong cable for the all-important tension cable – the tension cable needs to be the pre-stretched one!”

The usual fix is to take everything down and start over.

So do yourself a favor, read the digital version of the manual cover-to-cover before your yurt kits even arrives. We'll email you the manual when you place your order. The printed version will be included in the main crate, in the main hardware box, when your yurt arrives.

If you are not good at following this type of direction, appoint someone who is - just don’t attempt to recall from memory what you read days prior. Follow along step-by-step. I guarantee, you will have a much better experience and end result.

Once you have the basic yurt built – explore different creative options to make it your own. There are no rights and wrongs.

Do use your common sense. There are many things you can do yourself to enhance your yurt and your time in it.

These are the most common questions we get:

Q: Can I build a loft?
A: Sure! We recommend that you use basic “T-wall construction” and through bolt into the floor for structural stability. We do not recommend attaching to the rafters or lattice. The only “useable” space is in the center of the yurt. The smaller the yurt – the smaller that space is.

Check out last week's blog post about floor plans for more on lofts.

Q: Can I put a bathroom or kitchen in my yurt?
A: You bet. Bring your plumbing and electrical up through the floor into a shared wall.


Check out these past blog posts for more information:

Q: Can I hang pictures and things off the lattice?
A: Lighter items can hang from zip-ties or wire off the lattice. We do not recommend driving a nail or screw into the lattice, as you could split the lattice stick and weaken the structural ability. We recommend balancing the weight of heavier objects (such as a heavy mirror) between two connect points on the lattice, at least two feet apart.

Camp_0711yurt_1Q: Can I hang something from the compression ring?
A: Sure - just use common sense! The compression ring works because of balance: tension and compression. If you hang something from one point, you just messed with that equation; but if you hang something from four balanced points, you have a greater chance to equal out the weight and have a balanced load.

Q: Can I make my own dome cover and screens for the doors?
A: We are all for DIY creations that enhance your yurt-life. If you are handy with a sewing machine, an iron, magnets, or Velcro – you are in luck! We've had great feedback from yurt dwellers who've made their own dome screen, ceiling fan support, “magic-screen” door closure, curtains, awnings, porch covers, and anything else that you can dream up.

Q: How do I create more storage opportunities at my yurt?
A: Here are some ideas:

-Save your yurt crate and use it as an ‘out-building’ to store garden tools, snowshoes, and other necessities. Put a pad-lock on it to keep your possessions safe.
-Build your yurt up on a higher platform and utilize the space underneath for storage. Enclose the perimeter with vertical “skirting” and make an entrance out of the dome crate lid.
-Create a loft space over the kitchen and bathroom and have a movable ladder to access just what you need. Put smaller items in bins, basket or totes, and place them in the perimeter spaces created by the rafters.
-Use a murphy bed, so you can put it up during the day – table or desk as needed, bookshelves on the edges.
-Check out IKEA for more ideas! One of my favorites is a handful of baskets attached to the lattice for handy storage.

Q: Can I attach two yurts?
A: Of course you can. Again, there is no right or wrong here. If you are not a seasoned DIY’er we recommend using an experienced handy man or contractor who has done this before. We have several experienced individuals that can come to you to offer guidance too.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."
-Henry David Thoreau

Give us a call if you have DIY questions of you own.

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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