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Guest Post: Phase One


Today's post comes from Savannah, a new Rainier Yurt owner, who has started a blog to document her yurt raising. She originally published this post on her blog, riding yurty, and gave us permission to share it here.

Savannah is building her yurt in beautiful rural Texas - I'm so excited to follow along as she shares her story. I hope you will, too.

Happy yurt dreams!

By 9:00am on raising day, the platform was complete and the story strip (see below) was properly aligned. It was time for Burt to make his appearance.

Here the boys are assembling the lattice pieces. There were 11 “sections” that we had to bolt together to make one huge lattice piece.


There are no pictures of us stretching the lattice because all hands were on deck. After stretching and adjusting, it was time to screw the plates attached to the lattice onto the platform perimeter band. You can see the yellow “story strip” on the band in the pictures above and below.


This is a great place for a “frequently asked question” break.

Where did you buy your yurt?

We bought our yurt from Rainier Yurts ... and thank goodness. First, Dana (the yurt girl) was so knowledgeable, easy to work with, and showed no signs of impatience with my dumb questions. The polar opposite was true when I called other companies. Second, they have their stuff together. The three shipping crates were organized. The lumber impressive. The hardware was perfectly labeled. The instruction and care manual is clear and informative. And this, the story strip, is the reassurance you need that you are correctly building this crazy thing. The story strip is a piece of material that you staple to the perimeter banding. It has to be within 3 inches of being exact and then you just follow the marks for lattice, rafter, cable, and panel placement. Y’all know how crazy type-A I am so I think you get my point that I would highly recommend Rainier.


Don’t let the beautiful sky fool you- it was 95 (and might as well have been 200) degrees at this point. With the tension cable in place on the lattice, it was time to begin setting the rafters in the ring. You can also see where we had started assembling the roof insulation on the platform.


We repurposed (look what I did there) the main crate as “scaffolding”. Disclaimer: It worked well for us but is obviously not legitimate scaffolding.


... and finished in the dark. We are so thankful that we had some crazy family and friends to help us complete phase one of assembly on one of the hottest days this summer!

- Savannah

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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