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Guest Post: Phase Two


A few months ago, we shared a guest post from Savannah, a new yurt owner in rural Texas. Savannah is documenting her family's yurt experience on her blog, riding yurty.

I'm happy to share the next chapter from their yurt raising: "Phase Two!"


This past weekend Chris had completed installing all Eagle blocks (see below) and we were ready to begin Phase Two of yurt raising. The Eagle blocks were a Rainier upgrade. They are beautiful little wood blocks that add stability to the rafters. They were super easy to install and look great.


You can see above that our roof liner is already in place. Seams up, of course!


First Chris and Jeff had to spend some time messing with the door to get it just right.

Next came the roof insulation- these pieces came ready to tape together to make the large circle. We folded it in half and then in an accordion fashion to be able to unfold easily on the roof. Then we extensively tacked down the insulation (after a few wind mishaps) to the rafters with stainless steel staples.


Next came the roof. Due to our own inability to ask for help, we did not have the support we did the previous weekend. This meant the boys had to get creative- including shimmying on the stinking rafters to spread the roof in place. Luckily the boys are part monkey and no one was injured.

Having less hands on deck also meant having to be creative in how we would actually get the roof up top. It is a long story, including a really kind hearted quote from yours truly that “we have gone backwards by 24 hours”, but we actually hoisted the roof on top of the rafters twice. The first time with a “come-along” and chains and Chris trying to kill himself up at the ring. The second time we only folded the roof in half once and then used ropes to (way more) easily hoist the roof and then spread it out.


The “center tag” aligned with the center of the door. Big success!


Insulation panels up! These were super easy to apply and come with the white inner liner attached on the inside.


Wall going up! Our insulation and walls did not match up perfectly, but it was very easy to just adjust the insulation panels from the inside. The windows are fun- you can lift the wall panel and then the clear vinyl panel so you only have screen in place.


Sun going down, dome going up!


We stopped here for the day. Accomplishment!


One of our biggest helpers - Cooper!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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