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Guest Post: D.I.Y. Custom DC Low Voltage LED Lighting Solutions

Today's post comes from Ron Friedman, who has shared several wonderful posts with us on off-grid solutions for outfitting your yurt. If you want to leverage the sun's energy to power your yurt, or even dehydrate the bounty from your vegetable garden, Ron has shared many wonderful solutions with us.

Ron has a wealth of knowledge about LED lighting options, and has already shared a post about the subject with us! Today's post goes further into using LED lights to illuminate your yurt without taking up precious floor space or draining your energy source.


under-cabinet kitchen art 2I Lighting is a Maryland manufacturer of low voltage LED plug and play lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Featuring 10 mm or 5 mm wide LED lighting strips (I Luma line) these self adhering strips provide an almost invisible light source.

In a yurt or tiny house where space is at a premium this means zero loss of floor space.

The LEDs use up to 80% less power than typical incandescent systems and they are rated for 50,000 hours.

Considering the open space of yurts, along with the exposed ceiling rafters, it is possible to use these existing architectural elements to install a custom designed lighting solution.

5mm strip artThe I Luma self-adhering (3m industrial tape) strips provide 120 degrees of lighting. They simply mount on the bottom of your rafters. For attaching to oily woods, a backup clip must also be used.

Just swab the rafter with an included alcohol pad. Remove the tape cover, and press the lighting strip into its mounting position. Add the included clip for further mechanical attachment.

Available in white or black polycarbonate, lengths come in 3 inch increments up to 8 feet. They come in clear white or warm yellow light.

For long lengths, I Lighting provides a segmented strip where the LEDs are spaced evenly along the full length up to 8 feet long. This allows you to have a single appliance for the long rafter run rather than having many linked strips with a connecting wire.

The 5mm option uses only 1.6 watts per foot. The 10mm wide option uses 2 watts.

The I Lighting in-house design team will help you determine how much length or product you need. Just submit a plan and they provide the best design solution that is cost effective and with no wasted materials. You won’t need to strip and connect wires as the system is truly plug and play. All the parts you need come in the custom designed kit.

You are probably wondering how power gets delivered to the lighting system. Each lighting kit will come with the appropriate low voltage dc power supply based on the system demand. This converts your AC power to the required 12 volt DC.

Mount the power supply near an AC outlet. It can be hidden in a cabinet or bookshelf. You can have the circuit powered via a standard switch or simply use the included remote control that gives you on, off and dimmable features.

270_ind_spiral artThe kit will include a plug to your power source and wire to the starting point on the rafter. You can also run multiple power from one supply giving you area control with on/off or dimming. Wire is easily hidden by the lattice work of your yurt wall.

If building codes require, you can also use the I Lighting UL connector cable for behind walls. From there, start installing your strips.

At the top of the lighting strip and top of the yurt, I Lighting will supply a custom connecting harness that allows you to continue the current to your next strip using the simple plug and play mini connectors. The resulting system will be a very low energy demand. It will all be dimmable.

The LEDs will last for up to 10 years, and every system is custom designed for your requirements.

Ron Friedman
Friedman Associates

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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