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The True Cost of Building a Yurt: Shipping

This is part three in our series, “The True Cost of Building a Yurt.”

The goal of this series is to help our customers calculate the cost of building a yurt from beginning to end. Three of our recent yurt buyers kindly agreed to share their costs with us here on the Rainier Yurt Blog!

Getting It There

As I like to say, as long as you can get your yurt kit to the site, you can build a yurt anywhere!


The guys in our yurt shop carefully pack up all the parts, so you know that no matter how crazy it is getting there, your yurt will arrive safely.

I'll work with you before the yurt leaves the shop to arrange the shipping - I promise, you will not lose sleep over shipping your yurt!


Yurt Shipping Costs

The Vallejo

This yurt shipped 527 miles from Seattle to Oregon for a grand total of $1,375.

The crates were $825 (remember Mr. Vallejo ordered additional doors, which meant extra crates!)

The Morgan

This yurt shipped the farthest of the three, 825 miles from Seattle to Utah.

The total shipping cost was $2,735.

The crates were $550.

The Durga

From Seattle to Oregon, this yurt was shipped 327 miles and cost $900.

The crates were $425

Yurt Crates charges:

Even if you are picking up your yurt kit WILL CALL at the Rainier Yurt manufacturing plant, we still will want to crate it. The reason for this is to "hermetically" seal all of the components inside the crate after the last QC check. Even with the best intensions, things could get borrowed from a uncrated yurt on the loading dock (with every intension of replacing it) while it waits for it's new owner to arrive. We are all guilty of robbing Peter to pay Paul at some point! Well, we just said "NO!" - no more, so we close the lid when your yurt is done and relish in confidence that everything you need is in the crate(s).

What if you don't want the crate - or it doesn't fit in your truck? Fine - you can bring a cordless drill to our loading dock and open your crate and offload it into your truck - we will reuse the crate.

Smaller yurts come in one huge main yurt crate 4' x 10' x 6' high and weighing between 1750 - 2400 pounds (depending on the size). Larger yurts come in the same main crate plus a dome crate and rafter crate. The dome crate is 6'-2" x 6'-2" x 18" and weighs 340 pounds.

The rafter bundle will be the length of the rafters (up to 16' long) by 26" x 26" and weigh up to 1550 pounds.


Shipping charges: Think of it as taking a package to the post office ... the price of the shipping depends on the weight of the package and the distance it is traveling. We have a team of experts that work on getting you the very best shipping solution. Whether you are shipping to Bali or just down the road, we work with custom brokers, carriers, freight lines to make sure that your yurt will travel safely, arrive on time and you paid a fair price for the service.

If you are close to selecting the yurt of your dreams, give us a call and we can have our Shipping Department work up a shiping estimate specifically for you.

Yours in yurts!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)