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The classic kitchen from which the aroma of hot coffee and breakfast has filled logging and mining camps around the world for a century. The Rainier Cook Shack is a 10’ extension that joins perfectly with your wall tent and provides a cooking area separate from the sleeping area.

It includes a stove jack and a deluxe Rainier Wall Tent door with Fastex buckles.

The Cook Shack frame merges with the wall tent frame to eliminate the need for frame uprights and rafters against the tent.

Fits an 8 foot wide tent. Frame only, cover sold separately.

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The Cook Shack cover overlaps the wall tent by 12 inches to prevent leaking.

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Additional Info
SKU 3000-0015
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Cook Shack Frabric

Steel Frame

size Ridge Height Price Weight/lb Price Weight/lb
8 x 10 7'4" $ 788.99 36 $ 264.99 34
10 x 10 7'11" $ 878.99 40 $ 280.99 36
12 x 10 8'6 $ 941.99 43 $ 295.99 38
14 x 10 9'0" $ 1,090.99 47 $ 309.99 40
16 x 10 9'7" $ 1,206.99 51 $ 326.99 42
18 x 10 10'2" $ 1,347.99 55 $ 342.99 45
20 x 10 10'9" $ 1,490.99 57 $ 520.99 48


Black and white photo of man in hat sitting by Wall Tent next to river. tent stove pipe poking out of tent

Rainier Outdoor, Yurts, Tents, Shelter and Shade, Tukwila WA.

Rainier Wall Tents: A Symbol of Our Commitment to Quality

Nature’s most rugged conditions haven’t changed in 100 years. That’s why the timeless design of the Rainier Wall Tent remains unchanged after a century of protecting people from the elements in the great outdoors. Own one and you will experience the same spacious comfort and warmth as prospectors did during the Great Alaska Gold Rush. What has changed is the cutting edge of fabric engineering. Although Centennial Wall Tents are made of the same fabric that was used 100 years ago, it is now treated to be water repellent, mildew resistant and flame retardant. At Rainier Industries, creating innovative fabric products is an art. Since 1896, we’ve blended the latest technology and the most advanced materials with old-fashioned craftsmanship

Rainier Outdoor, Yurts, Tents, Shelter and Shade, Tukwila WA.

Rainier Centennial Wall Tents

Many features available as options for the Rainier Industries’ line of tents are standard equipment on Rainier Wall Tents. By combining these options into a package, you get a lot more tent for your money than if you were to assemble a similar product using our standard pricing. The following value-added extras are designed to make your camp more functional and comfortable, at a price that feels good too!

Black and white photo of Wall Tent next to river. Tent fly open exposing interior. sleeping bags and cots with tent stove pipe


Black and white photo of A Rainier Cottage in snowy mountains with flap open to show man sitting with stove burning

Army Duck: Our Premier Fabric

Army Duck has the remarkable quality of being highly water repellent while at the same time being very breathable. It’s a tightly woven, 100% cotton duck with the best water-repellent finish available. Normal moisture built up within the tent will pass freely through the fibers creating a very comfortable living environment, making it cooler in the summer and more comfortable in the winter. Army Duck is 100% cotton and when it rains, the fibers swell up to make the tent even more water-repellent. The roof becomes very taut, preventing water from pooling at the eaves. Army Duck is treated to be flame retardant (CPAI-84) and mildew resistant. It is a natural canvas color and finishes at about 12 ounces per square yard.Tents made of Army Duck have been on expeditions around the world. They have always performed perfectly. If your adventures require the absolute best and most durable tent available, then Army Duck should be your choice.

Finished Sizes


Fabric and Tent Weight

Full Frame Sets

Floor WxL Wall Height Ridge Height Square Feet Number of Occupants Army Duck Weight Freestanding Weight
8 x 10 5' 7'-4" 80 2 40 lbs. 82 lbs.
10 x 12 5' 7'-11" 120 3 49 lbs. 95 lbs.
12 x 14 5' 8'-6" 168 4 59 lbs. 120 lbs.
12 x 16 5' 8'-6" 192 5 63 lbs. 126 lbs.
14 x 16 5' 9'-0" 224 6 69 lbs. 139 lbs.
16 x 20 5' 9'-7" 320 8 89 lbs. 153 lbs.
18 x 22 5' 10'-2" 396 10 99 lbs. 170 lbs.
20 x 24 5' 10'-9" 480 12 113 lbs. 200 lbs.