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These are just a few of the Rainier Outdoor setups from around the globe which include permanent residences, bed and breakfasts, and assembly shots from our very own Yurt yard.

What will your Yurt look like and where will it be located?

Verbier Ski Resort, Verbier, Switzerland. This Rainier Outdoor, double yurt serves as a ski run bar. This famous Yurt tavern over looks the ski resort at BEc des Rosses Mountain.
Cave B Inn Spa and Resort, Quincy, WA. Overlooking the Columbia river and on the Estate Vinyard and Winery this Yurt Resort is close to the Gorge Amphitheatre.
Zion Backcountry Yurt, Glendale, UT. This Rainier Outdoor Yurt Home is out and off the grid. Do It Yourself dwelling out in the middle.
Home sweet home, Aeneas Valley (Okanogan), WA. This Yurtist added a composite band Trex or Timbertech to keep out the insects
Hip Bar Hut Yurt Danville Treehouse Yurt, Geneva, FL. Danville Air BnB rental, ultimate Glamping shower hot tub, full bar deck. hot rod yurts
Spike's Yurt in Utah, Wanship, UT. Primary Residence, Utah yurt getaway, winter or summer, 2 level yurt
The Scott Sanctuary, 7000 foot altitude in Summit County, UT. Recreational yurt, Man Cave hut wood deck and with insulated sips flooring, Structural Insulated Floor Panels
Peaceful Pines Retreat Center, Grass Valley, CA. Posh Yurting Rainier Outdoor style, the Eco Retreat Center in grass valley. Cool Yurts
Beautiful Posh Glamping Yurt, Borders Flathead Lake, Somers, MT. Air BandB rental. Beautiful Yurt to rent. Glamp in style in this sleeper with plush glamping, bedroom
Full Yurt kitchen with 4 person dining bar and down stairs yurt basement, plumming ful electrical, sips insulated flooring
Luxury yurt bedroom, in open style living, Glamping like a rockstar, Rock star yurting gettaway, Glamp fabulous Dream bedroom.
Glamping party bathroom dream, Disco glaming with a sweet makeup and shower bathroom, Full pluming tile shower with double sink. fabulous!
 Yurt construction at Rainier Outdoor Yurt Park, Tukwila Wa. Setting up the crown ring and rafters with lattice wall standing with tension wire.
Positioning Yurt insulation on lattice wall, Rainier Yurt park, Tukwila Wa. Yurt wall insulation, hanging and adjusting to make a gapless fit before wall wrap is installed.
Wooden Yurt roof, crown, dome, rings hanging from shelf struts in Rainier Outdoor yurt kit storage manufacturing plant.
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Verbier Ski Resort, Verbier, SWI. The 1936 Bar, on ski run down from “Les Ruinettes” to Verbier.

36” Eagle yurt, full-light primary yurt doors, 60” interior French doors, 2 yurts connected, picture windows overlook ski resort.

color: Beige roof, Eggshell upper wall, Sky Blue lower wall  

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Cave B Inn Spa and Resort, Quincy, WA. Cliffside yurts overlook the gorge and Columbia River

Couple size: 24' Custom yurts, concrete floors, standard Beige roof and Terra Cotta sidewalls.

Family size: 36' Custom yurts, Full light primary door leads to 468 Sq ft room with full bath and kitchenette.  

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Zion Backcountry Yurt, 3.5mi. from East boundary of Zion National Park, Glendale, UT. Rental yurt.

27’ Raven Yurt, 36” door, open living concept, rustic kitchen, bath-house and wrap-around deck.

color: Beige Roof with Almond sidewalls  

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Home sweet home, Aeneas Valley (Okanogan), WA. Primary Living Structure.

16' Raven yurt, half-light fiberglass door, tinted dome.

color: Tan roof, Glade Green sidewalls  

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Danville Treehouse Yurt, Geneva, FL. Danville Air BnB rental

18’ Eagle Yurt, 36” door with awning, Yurt in a TREE with an ELEVATOR! Small bathroom and kitchenette, outdoor hot tub and shower below deck! OMG!

color:Beige roof, Emerald upper wall and Timber lower wall  

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Spike's Yurt in Utah, Wanship, UT. Primary Residence

33' Eagle Yurt, French Door, soft plastic and glass windows. Full kitchen and gorgeous bath.

color: Beige roof, Burgundy upper wall and Dusk Blue lower wall  

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The Scott Sanctuary, 7000 foot altitude in Summit County, UT. Recreation Property.

27’ Eagle Yurt, 60” French Doors, SIPS Platform, Eagle Blocks, Perimeter wall posts.

color: 28oz. Beige roof, Champagne upper wall, Teal lower wall  

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Peaceful Pines Retreat Center, Grass Valley, CA. Eco Retreat Center and Venue.

33' Eagle yurt, 60” French Doors, awning, custom fabricated windows.

color: 28oz. Beige Roof, Eggshell upper wall, Champagne lower wall  

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Beautiful Posh Glamping Yurt, Borders Flathead Lake, Somers, MT. AirBnB Rental

33’ Eagle Yurt, 855sqft. 60” French Doors, glass, Picture windows, upgraded rafters, eagle blocks, and SIPS panel deck.

color 28 oz. Roof, Eggshell upper wall, Timber lower wall  

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Full Size Kitchen with 4 seat dinning bar.

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Open Living Style master bedroom


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Master bathroom


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Constructing Yurt at Rainier Outdoor Yurt Park, Tukwila Wa.

Aerial drone photo: ring, rafters, tension cable.

Yurt construction crew beginning to add rafters to dome ring.  

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Positioning Yurt insulation on lattice wall, Yurt park, Tukwila Wa.

Latter photo: lattice, rafters, windows, insulation, tension cale

Positioning Yurt pannel insulation on wall lattice.  

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Yurt roof insulation before wrapping top

Aerial drone photo: insulation, insulation tape, roof blanket, yurt ring.

Great example of how to make roof insulation one blanket.  

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Finished Yurt compresion rings in our warehouse

Photo: Rainier handcrafted Yurt compresion rings

The Rainier Eagle Compression Ring is milled round from solid MSR Douglas Fir.  

These two yurts serve as party-central for skiers and is the last stop before the station to enjoy a mulled wine or to sit outside and soak up the sun on the famous Bec des Rosses mountain.
The Desert Yurts (as they are known) sit high on a cliff above the Columbia River among a large Estate Vineyard and Winery. The twenty-five units are overnight rentals for guests of the winery and music venue next door.
If you build it they will come…this is an off-the-beaten-pass location to get back to nature and solitude. This space is where the tourist crowds disappear and the rugged, raw beauty of the land appears. No internet, no cell phone, no electricity, no light-pollution.  Just you, your loved ones and the Milky Way above.
Notice the smart customer-added composite banding (Trex or Timbertech) around the base to keep insects and critters from coming up in between the fasteners. This material bends much easier on warm days – especially on a tight 16’ diameter yurt.
Run by Superhosts Dan and Deborah this yurt is highly rated for it’s uniqueness and as most romantic stay ever. Guests often brag about going flying with Dan as a bonus or trekking the 500 acres,
Hard to tell from this photo, but this yurt sits on top of a stick-built structure that has an interior stairwell between them. The daylight lower lever is home to a great room and bedroom and is lined with built-in bookshelves.
In Scott's own words: in his words,” I understand that you are looking at building a yurt. Our family owns some recreation property in Summit County. My cousin built a yurt eleven years ago. We built our yurt this past summer. It was one of the best things we have done as a family. i hope you are able to realize your dream. We have all the conveniences in our yurt,, running water, electricity, wood stove, kitchen, and sleeping quarters. We built a bathroom in an adjoining building.The Rainer people, especially Dana Hendel, were great to work with.
This gorgeous Eco Retreat Center sits among graceful pine trees in a setting that couldn’t be more natural. The inside was left open to accommodate many guests at once. Installed by one of the Rainier-Recommended installers – also from Grass Velley.
Linda, the super fabulous host, offers this gorgeous yurt that has been steadily rented since it was ‘born’. Decorated exquisitely in western/Montana décor and showcasing a gorgeous kitchen and bath. The bedroom suites are graciously sized and appointed with all the comforts of home.
How large can a yurt kitchen be? A full kitchen with range, refridge, utility size sink, dishwasher and tons of cabinet space. Add a storage pantry on the back of the kitchen wall and 4 seat bar for dinning. Now that’s a yurt home kitchen!
What is Open Living Style Glamping? It is of style Glamping where a yurt interior design and floor plan have no walls or partitions. It is one wide open living area, everybody is in the party!
How large can a Yurt bathroom be? Here is a double sink vanity, master bath with walk in tiled shower and 2 windows! This yurt master bathroom design is a great example of the possibilities for your making a fabulous Glamping yurt.
Rainier Outdoor Yurt assembly team erecting a yurt compression ring and attaching ring rafters. Here you can see the initial placement rafters being attached to the yurt compression ring which is being held up by a telescoping boom lift.
This photo demonstrates the use of a yurt tensioning cable and how it supports your yurt rafters, yurt roof and yurt lattice wall. The stainless steel, yurt tensioning cable encircles and contains the yurt wall which supports the outward, downward pressure of the roof. That’s a lot of support!
Low-E radiant heat barrier insulation is taped with reflective aluminum insulation tape on both sides of the pre-cut roof insulation panels. This strengthens the seal of the edges to form an insulation blanket for the roof.
The Rainier Eagle Compression Ring is the only yurt gear manufactured from handcrafted solid MSR (stress rated) Douglas Fir wood, milled round with multiple layers of lamination that have staggered joints for strength and reliability.


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