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The Rugged Raven


Believe it or not, yurts are like cars! Every couple of years, the leading manufacturer redesigns their models based on industry and customer feedback, trends, and new products or technology. As in the auto industry – the leader in the yurt industry is the one that has been in the game the longest and is known for their quality, craftsmanship, and innovative features.

Rainier Yurts is an industry leader in the yurt world. We have proven ourselves over 118 years of business. We started out in 1896, supplying rugged canvas tents to prospectors during the Klondike Gold Rush. We’ve been committed to building the highest quality shelter and fabric products since those early days of our company.

In the 90s, we met the Nesting Bird Yurt Company and redesigned their yurt roofs. We used our knowledge of materials and fabric construction techniques to totally change the way yurt roofs were designed and made. Our new radial seam roof system really improved the fit and finish of the final product.

We became pretty good at making the best yurt roof in the business, and in 2004, we acquired the company, and started building yurts ourselves. Everyone at Rainier Yurts is proud to be a part of this long history.

When you buy your yurt, you want to buy from a company that has what it takes to be around for the next several decades. You want to make sure your yurt is built with high quality products so that it will last, but you want to know that the yurt company will still be around to honor your warranty and build replacement parts if you need them.

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this - Rainier Yurts is that company!

We are the only yurt manufacturer in the world with formal quality management and environmental management systems. We are also the only yurt manufacturer that produces a diverse menu of other products all stemming from our experience with innovative fabric solutions and our willingness to be creative with new trends, new products and new technology.

We manufacture everything from huge event tents, digitally printed banners at sports arenas throughout the country, window displays for major retailers (like Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer and REI.) Our custom manufactured window screens and retractable awnings are sold around the world through our network of dealers. You can learn more about our other product lines by checking out our main website: http://rainier.com.

Why is this helpful to our yurt business? We have designers and developers that are embedded in the fabric industry learning about new materials, better ways to manufacture with precision end products, leaner production methods, and less waste. Because we manufacture products for Boeing, we are able to use the same supplier that they use to pre-stretch our tension cables to make our yurts structurally sound. We build soft windows for high end yachts, so we knew what the best soft plastic on the market is, which we use for our Eagle windows. Because we have advanced computerized technology in our design department, wood, metal, and fabric shops using CNC routers, a water-jet metal router, automated CAD cutting, and FR fabric welding, and powder coating, our yurt manufacturing process produces less waste.

Yurt insulation being cut in Rainier fabric shop.

Yurt insulation being cut in Rainier fabric shop.

Once a week, our best minds gather around a conference table to talk about customer feedback, new products and manufacturing techniques, and ways to improve upon our already stellar products.

A recent customer request that came up at one of those meetings was about the short wall option on our Raven Yurts. When customers come visit us and walk into our Eagle model, they never fail to say “hey! This is so roomy!” One customer asked “why do you even bother having the short walls?” and I couldn’t come up with an answer. So to provide a better product to our customers, we’re making some changes to our Raven model yurt.


The Mount Tahoma Trails Yurt is blanketed in deep snow

The Rugged Raven has a position in the marketplace as tough and “street smart” yurt with its resilient design, capable snow and wind load requirements, and variety of sizes. Through well thought-out manufacturing processes, and smart purchasing practices when it comes to our materials, we are happy to bring you the new and improved Raven Yurt:

Starting in 2015, all Raven yurts will come standard with a 7’-4” high wall – sixteen inches more wall height than the competition, which translates to several more cubic feet per yurt.

The taller walls pave the way for taller center height. The space inside the yurt (or volume) is translated into cubic feet. A 30’ Raven yurt will have 1178 more cubic feet, allowing you to also create a loft space, or add bunk beds.

The tall walls allow for a full size, zero maintenance fiberglass door with thermal pane glass window options. These doors are ADA compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) which is required for all business, camps, churches, schools, and public places. The 36” wide x 80” high door makes it easier to move furniture and appliances and they comply with state and federal law and building codes.

The doors we use are made by a fellow PNW company with an equally rich history of providing high quality products. You will be able to easily move furniture and appliances into the yurt and you won’t have to duck every time you enter or exit your yurt.

Grayland-Beach-yurt-CC-ShannonAlso, 2015 pricing will offer packages that “bundle” our most popular features. The choice between a Rugged Rainier Raven and the competition’s yurt will be a no-brainer! We plan to shake things up a bit … just like the car industry does when the leaders out front reveal their new line up.

Every decade for almost 130 years, Mercedes-Benz has reinvented the automobile. From luxurious sedans preferred by heads of state to legendary off-roaders to winning turbo-hybrid race cars, if it wears our Silver Star, it's the best of its class.

Mercedes 2015 marketing slogan is:

Whatever it is, it's always "the best or nothing."

Rainier Yurts abides by the same slogan! We are excited to bring you the new and improved 2015 Raven. Look for details and pricing at the start of the year. We know you will appreciate the changes - after all, our customers requested them!

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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