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Experience Luxury in the Great Outdoors

Our Rainier Cottages are handcrafted with beautiful canvas walls on a durable Douglas Fir frame that can be set up as a permanent or semi permanent structure. They are sturdy enough to be left up year-round in most climates.

Cottages are easy to assemble and outfit with the comforts of home, such as electricity, heat, and other modern necessities.


  • EcoTourism Accommodations
  • Vacation Retreat
  • Campground Rental Unit
  • Guest Room
  • Backyard Office
  • Workshop
  • Fishing / Hunting Cabin
  • Retreat Accommodation
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Photo Studio
  • Yoga Studio
  • Camp Lodge
  • Garden Tea Cottage
  • Temporary Housing
  • Artist Studio
  • Tasting room
  • Classroom
  • Playhouse


The Rainier Cottage offers two different models available in 6 sizes to fit your budget and lifestyle. The differences between the two models of Rainier Cottages are purely based on the windows and doors.

The Lakedale model has three screen windows sewn into the canvas that with a zippered privacy flap. In addition, the wall-tent style door is also sewn into the canvas walls and includes a bug screen.

Photo of Rainier Cottage set up on drive in campground with Fly door open to expose interior. Picnic table, truck and fire ring in the foreground

For a sturdier frame, we offer the Denali model, which is equipped with three glass windows and a glass door that has a screen for the upper pane.

A number of options are available to customize your cottage, including double French Doors with mini blinds, and high wind cables.

Lakedale Cottage

The Rainier Lakedale Cottage, with its tent-like cozy feel, makes a perfect home away from home.

The handsome wood frame accommodates three screen windows sewn into the translucent cotton canvas that can be zipped up with a privacy flap or left open and tied back to let the natural sunlight and fresh air in. The tent-style door opens all the way to the ridge, which allows an open, airy feel and easy access.

Illustration of Rainier Lockdale Cottage diagram with roof and frame system pointed out and defined
Illustration of Rainier Denali Cottage diagram, skin, rope doors and other features pointed out and defined

Denali Cottage

The Rainier Denali Cottage is characterized by its extremely sturdy and efficient design.

A handcrafted Douglas Fir frame offers three 4’ x 4’ glass windows that can slide open for the fresh natural air to filter in. A storm door is built into the frame and features a hidden screen.


Our sturdy and economical shelters give you a cozy Home-Away-from-Home!

Complete Cottage: Rainier Cottages combine the features of our Wall Tents and Yurts in one cost-effective shelter. The Rainier Cottage offers two different kits in six different sizes to fit your budget and lifestyle. Every cottage features:

Every cottage features:

  • A durable Douglas Fir frame
  • Breathable fabric shell made of 100% cotton Army Duck canvas(FR, MA, WR)
  • One door and three windows with options for larger doors and additional windows
  • Vinyl Rain Fly

Lakedale Cottages also include:

  • (3) 30"h X 42"w Screen Windows w/zippered Privacy Flap
  • (1) Wall Tent Style Canvas Door w/Screen Privacy Flap

Denali Cottages also include:

  • Lumber (2x4’s and 2x6’s)
  • (1) 36" aluminum frame glass storm door with hidden screen

À la Carte Kit: This kit requires the customer to provide their own lumber to build the frame and platform using the plans and materials supplied by Rainier.

Rainier Provides:

  • Fabric Cover and Rain Fly
  • A Set of Plans and Materials List
  • Routed Birch Plywood Gussets
  • Ridge Couplers
  • Fittings for the Standoff-arms and Rain Fly
  • Ratchets and Webbing

Customer Provides:

  • Lumber (2x4’s and 2x6’s)
  • Standard Hardware for rafters, Gussets & Fly Eve
  • Aluminum Pipe and Coupler for Fly Eve
  • Hem Tension Pipe
  • Framing Hardware
  • Doors and Windows


Lakedale Cottage- size

Cottage Package À la Carte
10 x 12 $4,350 $3,250
12 x 14 $4,750 $3,500
12 x 16 $5,000 $3,700
14 x 16 $5,600 $4,000
14 x 20 $6,000 $4,300
16 x 20 $6,500 $4,600

Denali Cottage- size

Cottage Package À la Carte
10 x 12 $4,950 $3,650
12 x 14 $5,350 $3,900
12 x 16 $5,750 $4,100
14 x 16 $6,400 $4,400
14 x 20 $6,800 $4,800
16 x 20 $7,500 $5,200


Upgrades and Additions

High Wind / Roof Cables / Tension $300 $300
Double French Door n/a $2,150
Additional Wall Tent Style Single Door $750 n/a
Additional Screen Windows w/privacy flap $125 n/a
Additional 4x4 Glass Windows n/a $350

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Rainier Cottages combine our long experience in the tent industry with our top-of-the-line yurt construction in a spacious, affordable, and adaptable structure.