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Living In A Yurt Full Time

Utah Bath 1

A house isn't a yurt, but a yurt can be a great house and a wonderful home!

I talk every day with people at every stage of the "yurt life." Many hope to live in yurts, but are uncertain that it's right for them. But I also get calls from people who live in yurts full time - many of them had that same uncertainty, but every yurt owner I talk to has a common thread - they appreciate their homes and the gift of living so close to nature!

I certainly understand why the idea of living in a yurt full time can be difficult to wrap your mind around. Maybe you are hung up on the roundness, or can't imagine how you would fit all of your stuff into a downsized home?!

But what if I told you that a yurt can have all the amenities of a regular house - a front door with an entryway and a back door that opened onto a deck?

You can build in a full kitchen with all of the conveniences of a stick-built home! Same goes for bathrooms.

Interior walls are not complicated, and can be constructed to include plumbing and electricity. By building up from the floor, interior walls can be pony-sized, interior wall height (which is to say, open on the top.) For structural reasons, you can't build off the rafters, but you can build up to them to mimic the ceiling line and create floor-to-ceiling walls.


The key is to think smart about the space - square footage is at a premium, so you don't want to waste any! (I recommend taking a look at our sample floor plans - notice how many of them include lofts to use the vertical space as efficiently as the horizontal space!)

loft ladder-Final

My most recent yurt client is a wonderful, grounded individual who has embraced the yurt life, both in communities and on her own. She has lived in various sizes and models - and spent a significant portion of her life in yurts!

When I asked her the best part of living full time in a yurt, she said that in addition to being affordable and doable, the ease of upkeep and minimal maintenance was appealing - especially while working full time!

Another aspect that she shared with me was the connection with nature. The light (or the dark), the sounds, the smells, the vibe. She says that she loves to have newcomers visit her yurt and interact with the sounds of nature.

When I pressed her about any negative aspects of living in a yurt, she paused and replied thoughtfully: "everything needs to be custom made to fit with the round walls." This is true - you have to be creative when it comes to furniture placement and wall construction.

I want to share some inspiration photos for you today. These are all from a yurt in Texas - the way these yurt owners have set it up gets the best of both worlds - it looks like a traditional house, but they still get to experience the closeness with nature that comes with living in a yurt. (Click the photos to see larger!)

[envira-gallery id="6322"]

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Until next time,

Enjoy the journey!

Dana Of Rainier, the Yurt Girl

Namaste~Dana, The Yurt Girl

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Click Here to see Standard and Custom Option Yurt Pricing

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)