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Our Yurt Price Calculator

Did you know that we have a pricing tool on our website? How handy is that?!


Our Pricing Tool is now a fully loaded Yurt Configurator. Pick Your size, color, custom windows and doors. Then save your cart and checkout!

All of the following info is related to our previous Yurt Calculator, so please read on but if you wish to see the NEW and IMPROVED Yurt Configurator just click the button above!

With a couple of clicks you can configure your own yurt; dialed-in with exactly what you want and need so you can see exactly how much it will cost.

Just like selecting options for a new car, our price calculator allows you to select the features and upgrades, item-by-item, and see the total estimate as you add elements.

The is a great tool for both newcomers to the yurt world and for those going over their wish list one last time before placing their order.

Rainier Eagle Price Calculator

Our customers found it helpful to see what each item costs to determine the overall budget and yurt size. Our basic kit includes the lattice system, roof vinyl, door and lock, compression ring, rafters, tension cables, clear dome, fabric roof and wall panels including various clear vinyl windows, and all the necessary hardware. We also provide the yurt assembly instructions and plans for the wooden platform (wood not included). Crating and shipping is extra.

There are two items we recommend that people purchase with the basic package in any yurt no matter where it is going: a single layer of insulation in the roof and walls, and an opening dome.

The insulation will help regulate heat and also makes a huge difference with the acoustics inside the yurt. It also helps block the early morning light from coming through the outer wall and roof.

The opening dome will allow the hot air to escape out the top and keep fresh air moving through the yurt.

Compare the Eagle Model to the Raven and see the price difference. The Rainier Eagle Model Yurt is uniquely designed with modular panels. The zip-together panels make it easier to position your windows to take the best advantage of sun or shade, as the seasons change. Modular panels are easy to replace too, if they are damaged. This also makes it easy to carry the pieces of your yurt into a remote site for set up.


The Raven is designed to be “Street-smart” and tough – not as fancy as the Eagle. As I like to say, The Eagle is like a Lexus while the Raven is like a Camry. I heard a commercial the other day for the Camry – 90% of Camrys sold in the last ten years are still on the road. That’s a good record! Our Rainier Raven Yurt has a similar reputation – durable, practical, and economical.


Whichever yurt you are leaning towards, give the Rainier Price Calculator a try by going to this link and choosing either the Eagle or Raven:


Please be comforted to know that we would never sell your contact information to anyone – ever! I review each submitted entry looking for obvious questions or anomalies and then I send you an email with tons of helpful information. This intro packet contains an electronic version of our brochure, a slide show, yurt details, price sheets and shipping information.

Occasionally I might call you if there is something very important to relay based on your submission. For example if you live in the desert region of Arizona and you don’t select insulation in your roof or sidewalls – I am going to give you a call and briefly explain the importance of insulation – especially there! I promise no hard-core sales tactics, no hidden agendas.

I hope you’ll give our price calculator a try … It is easy, very informational, and fun!

Enjoy the journey!



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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)